Prescribing CINRYZE

Scott, a real HAE patient,
helps prevent his
attacks with CINRYZE

Starting Patients on CINRYZE

OnePath provides product support based on individual patient needs.

1. Complete and fax the following to 1-855-ONEPATH (1-855-663-7284):

OnePath Start Form
Each patient needs to confirm that they wish to enroll in OnePath. The OnePath Start Form also serves as the prescription.
Download the English version now
Download the Spanish version now

A copy of your patient's insurance card(s)

2. Next, if your patient has insurance coverage and is eligible for OnePath, a OnePath Patient Support Manager will facilitate a benefits investigation.

If your patient does not have insurance coverage, a OnePath Patient Support Manager will work with your patient to provide information about their options.

3. The Patient Support Manager will forward the prescription to a specialty pharmacy that will dispense CINRYZE.


Note that insurance companies sometimes require additional documentation to authorize coverage for CINRYZE, which could include a Statement of Medical Necessity.

For more information about the OnePath program, call 1-866-888-0660.