Professional and Patient Resources

We've compiled information to help you diagnose and treat hereditary angioedema (HAE), as well as resources you can share with your patients. Additional resources can be found in the Prescribing CINRYZE section.

Materials for healthcare professionals

Path to Independence Brochure

Path to Independence Brochure

Print this guide to learn more about the Path to Independence program and self-administration training for your eligible CINRYZE patients.

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Materials for patients and caregivers

Downloadable Doctor Discussion Guide

HAE Doctor Discussion Guide

Print this guide to encourage discussion with patients and their caregivers about HAE symptoms and the tests needed to confirm an HAE diagnosis.

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HAE Family Health Tree Worksheet

HAE Family Health Tree worksheet

Help patients understand that HAE can affect the whole family by encouraging them to track their family's health history.

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CINRYZE® Patient Brochure

CINRYZE Patient brochure

This overview of CINRYZE can help patients understand how CINRYZE works, whether a C1-INH preventive therapy might be right for them, and what to expect from therapy.

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Path to Independence™ Brochure

Path to Independence™ brochure

Share this patient-friendly version of the brochure to provide details about the free services available through the program, including infusion training for eligible patients who are starting self-administration with CINRYZE.

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HAE Attack Plan Letter

HAE Attack Plan letter

This letter can be filled out by patients and distributed to appropriate individuals (extended family, bosses, teachers, coaches, etc.) in the event that he or she has an HAE attack.

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Caring for Someone with HAE

Caring for Someone with HAE Brochure

Patients can find helpful information and resources to help support a loved one with HAE and learn about the important role of being a caregiver.

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CINRYZE Self-Administration Instructions

Instructions to Help You Self-Administer CINRYZE® Therapy

After you teach patients how to self-administer CINRYZE therapy, share this brochure which features step-by-step illustrated instructions, for additional at-home support.

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Takeda advises the patient to receive training from a healthcare professional prior to self-administration.

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