Self-Administration Training

Physicians and patients should work together to determine if self-administration, or infusion by a healthcare professional or trained caregiver, is the best option.

The Path to Independence™ program offers hands-on self-administration training.

For eligible patients receiving therapy with CINRYZE, this program provides self-administration training from specially trained infusion nurses.

Hands-on training includes:

  • Proper reconstitution and administration techniques
  • Appropriate practices for how to store, handle, and dispose of CINRYZE
  • Instruction on when to reorder medication and infusion supplies and how to contact a specialty pharmacy

Training can take place wherever and whenever it's convenient—at the patient's home or another location agreed upon by you and the patient and, if needed, on evenings and weekends.

Patients should not attempt to self-administer until they have been taught how by a healthcare provider.

Put proven prevention in patients' hands

To learn more about self-administration training through the Path to Independence program, contact OnePath® at 1-866-888-0660.

Download the Path to Independence brochure for additional details