Scott, a real HAE patient,
helps prevent his
attacks with CINRYZE

Path to Independence Self-Administration Training

With the Path to Independence program, people using CINRYZE can learn how to self-administer from a specially trained infusion nurse. Path to Independence is a complimentary program offered by OnePath.

The nurse will:

  • Visit your home or another location agreed upon by you and your doctor
  • Work with you at a time that's convenient — including evenings and weekends
  • Show you how to prepare your CINRYZE dose
  • Train you on how to self-administer CINRYZE safely and correctly. Infusion nurses can also train caregivers and/or a family member

Once your nurse determines that you're ready to self-administer CINRYZE, you can take over administering your own CINRYZE doses.

Do not try to self-administer CINRYZE until a healthcare professional has taught you or a caregiver how.

Want more information on self-administration training with the Path to Independence™ Program?

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